My name is Sylé. I’m an artist and an illustrator.

I am inspired and driven by the beauty of creation, human relationships and the incredibly awe inspiring mystery of God.
I try to express something that can be personal as well as universal, and in my work you will find references to nature, scripture and mythology.

In my portrait series I have tried to portray not just the person but their heart and inner life. Oftentimes this meant having a long conversation with them about their aspirations, dreams and things that make their heart sing. 
I take commissions from time to time, so if you want to learn more, feel free to visit my contact page for more information.


Sylé van Olst

1991: Born in Zwolle


2013: BFA, ArtEZ, Zwolle.
2015: BA Arts and Design in Education, HKU, Utrecht





May 2022- ZIMIHC Theater Zuilen, exhibition of drawings together with photographs of Mariëtte van Waard

Jun 2021- Digital Exhibition Neurodiversity Pride day at Neurodiversity Foundation

Dec 2020- June 2021 publication of Faenyx Zine, a small self published zine

Feb 2019- Cover art and illustrations for Dungeon Master Guide “Books & Libraries” by RPG Papercraft

2018- 2021: Creator of Constellations (neurodiversity comic series)

Nov 2018- Illustrations and show of Constellations comic series for the Roadshow at Rijkswaterstaat

Sep 2018- The Big Draw Nijmegen for Restaurant Terra Rossa

Nov 2016- Nov 2017 : Exhibition of Symbiotic Earth Portraits, Adem Inn, Hoogstraat Rotterdam

Jul 2017: Studio28, Apeldoorn

Nov 2016: Art Performance “Lifelight in a Hollow Body/ Pierrot” at Aus Berlin Festival, Tilburg

Sept 2016 Art Performance “Ant Mother/Biology” at ACU Utrecht

Nov 2015: Art Performance “Ant Mother/Biology” at Aus Berlin Festival, Tilburg (Peristal Singum Collaboration)

Jun 2015: Group Exhibition,  Bergkerk, Deventer

May 2015: Art performance “Re: birth”, WORM Rotterdam (Be a Body)

Nov 2014: “Collecting Radiance”, Performance at Aus Berlin Festival, Hall of Fame, Tilburg

Sept 2014: Live Art at Nacht van Goud, Walhalla Deventer

May 2014: Exhibition at State of Mind, Utrecht

May 2014: “Shell”, Performance at Marxism Festival, CREA Amsterdam

Dec 2013: Destillaat, Extrapool, Nijmegen. Installation

Oct 2013: Tilburgse Cultuurnacht, TilburgPerformance: Eject.

Sept 2013: Installation and Performance at GOGBOT festival, Enschede.(Nominated for GOGBOT Youngblood Award)

Jul 2013: Exhibition Artez Finals 2013, Zwolle.

Jul 2013: Master/Apprentice exhibition with Maria Roosen Kunstpodium T, Tilburg

Apr 2013: Exhibition at Synthesis Conference for Esotericism and The Sciences Moses & Aaronkerk, Amsterdam

Jul 2012: KUNA Festival, Dwingeloo

Apr 2012: Kunstenaarsvereniging Heerde

jun 2011: Kunstenaarsvereniging Palet Zwolle


Jun 2014: Poetic Dialogue with Jasper Ligthart, CultFest, Utrecht

Jun 2013: Poetic Performance in collaboration with Jasper Ligthart: Poetry of Madness CultFest, Utrecht

Mar 2013: Spoken Word performance CultDealer Utrecht

Oct 2012: Performance, Collection of poems ORKZ Groningen