About Sylé

In my work I explore the tension between the inner and the outer world, of which the body is the borderline.
The varieties of human consciousness fascinate me. States of dreaming I find particularly interesting.
I am also contemplating the matter of transformation, both physical and psychological, something we often dream about both by night, by day and in our contemporary mythology.
My work lies on the borders of illustration and fine arts, and tells many stories that can’t be written down.

I can be commissioned to paint your portrait in a way that depicts not only your features, but also your inner world (http://www.syle.nl/symbiotic-earth-portraits/). I am also very open to visionary art illustrations and intricate murals. 
This website contains examples of my style, and method of working, but one of my gifts is being able to connect with a person on a spiritual level and express this in a work of art. If you want to know more, feel free to contact me and we can discuss it over a cup of coffee.