My work is about inner journeys, mythology, archetypes and the human connection to the Infinite Divine. I often consider the many layers of the human psyche and the nature of the essence underneath it all.
Dreams and visionary experiences are of particular interest to me when it comes to delving deeper into my subject.
Important themes in my work are the matters of transformation and the cycles of creation and destruction. Not only psychological or physical, but also spiritual and metaphysical. I enjoy expressing my love for the Divine Play.

This website contains examples of my style, and method of working.
One of my gifts is being able to connect with a person on a deeper level and expressing this in a work of art. If you want to know more, feel free to contact me and we can discuss it over a cup of coffee.

I can be commissioned to paint your portrait in a way that depicts not only your features, but also your inner world. I am also very open to illustration commissions and prints of my work are available.



Sylé van Olst

1991: Born in Zwolle


2013: BFA, ArtEZ, Zwolle.
2015: BA Arts and Design in Education, HKU, Utrecht




Currently graphic designer and illustrator for Rijkswaterstaat


Feb 2019 to present- Cover art and illustrations for Dungeon Master Guide “Books & Libraries” by RPG Papercraft
(https://www.dmsguild.com/product/266453/Books–Libraries) , Illustrations for new guide coming soon

Nov 2018- Illustrations for the Roadshow at Rijkswaterstaat, project concerning diversity at work

Sep 2018- The Big Draw Nijmegen for Restaurant Terra Rossa

Nov 2016- Nov 2017 : Exhibition of Symbiotic Earth Portraits, Adem Inn, Hoogstraat Rotterdam

Jul 2017: Studio28, Apeldoorn

Nov 2016: Art Performance “Lifelight in a Hollow Body/ Pierrot” at Aus Berlin Festival, Tilburg

Sept 2016 Art Performance “Ant Mother/Biology” at ACU Utrecht

Nov 2015: Art Performance “Ant Mother/Biology” at Aus Berlin Festival, Tilburg (Peristal Singum Collaboration)

Jun 2015: Group Exhibition,  Bergkerk, Deventer

May 2015: Art performance “Rebirth”, WORM Rotterdam (Be a Body)

Nov 2014: “Collecting Radiance”, Performance at Aus Berlin Festival, Hall of Fame, Tilburg

Sept 2014: Live Art at Nacht van Goud, Walhalla Deventer

May 2014: Exhibition at State of Mind, Utrecht

May 2014: “Shell”, Performance at Marxism Festival, CREA Amsterdam

Dec 2013: Destillaat, Extrapool, Nijmegen. Installation

Oct 2013: Tilburgse Cultuurnacht, TilburgPerformance: Eject.

Sept 2013: Installation and Performance at GOGBOT festival, Enschede.(Nominated for GOGBOT Youngblood Award)

Jul 2013: Exhibition Artez Finals 2013, Zwolle.

Jul 2013: Master/Apprentice exhibition with Maria Roosen Kunstpodium T, Tilburg

Apr 2013: Exhibition at Synthesis Conference for Esotericism and The Sciences Moses & Aaronkerk, Amsterdam

Jul 2012: KUNA Festival, Dwingeloo

Apr 2012: Kunstenaarsvereniging Heerde

jun 2011: Kunstenaarsvereniging Palet Zwolle


Jun 2014: Poetic Dialogue with Jasper Ligthart, CultFest, Utrecht

Jun 2013: Poetic Performance in collaboration with Jasper Ligthart: Poetry of Madness CultFest, Utrecht

Mar 2013: Spoken Word performance CultDealer Utrecht

Oct 2012: Performance, Collection of poems ORKZ Groningen