It’s been a **long** while since I last wrote something on here, but I figured it seemed fitting with the creation of a lot of new pieces.
I’ve been returning to my roots of direct, visceral drawings in ink, and combining them with digital media and the more delicate technique I’ve been employing for the past couple of years.
For a long time I’ve tried to find ways to integrate the many different pathways I’ve explored in my work, and I am now finally seeing it all come together in a deliciously freaky mixture of soft colour and grinding friction. 
Of course the moment of contentment is over all too soon, while the wish to go deeper and explore further remains. Very curious to see where all of this is going, and I hope that all who follow my work enjoy this process as much as I do.

PS I now offer art prints. If you want a copy of one of my works, just email me at and we can discuss it!