Myths, Fairytales and Dreamscapes

Works inspired by dreams, myths and archetypes- themes that occur again and again in the stories of our lives. With these works I have strived to connect to a universal, perhaps at times subconscious experience, but they are also deeply personal, telling tales about hardship, heartache, the mysteries of being alive and the desire for ecstacy.


Symbiotic Earth Portraits

This is an ongoing series of portraits about the symbolical aspects of nature deep within ourselves and our lives as human beings. We as people are intricately, symbiotically interwoven with the earth. As we breathe the air around us, create with the earth’s resources and dream in her forests, our myths (the stories that we live ourselves, and the ones we share from generation to generation) contain many layers of meaning surrounding elements of this earth that is both (literaly and figuratively) within us and around us.