Symbiotic Earth Portraits

This is an ongoing series of portraits about the symbolical aspects of nature deep within ourselves and our lives as human beings. We as people are intricately, symbiotically interwoven with the earth. As we breathe the air around us, create with the earth’s resources and dream in her forests, our myths (the stories that we live ourselves, and the ones we share from generation to generation) contain many layers of meaning surrounding elements of this earth that is both (literaly and figuratively) within us and around us.



Myth and Fairytale Series

This series consists of small drawings that have been directly inspired by ancient mythology.


Third Eyeconography 

The Kaleidoscopic merges with a Renaissance Dream


Dreamscaping Series

This series was inspired by the blurred and yet sometimes so lucid world between dreaming and waking. This is where new ideas and possible realities float into our mind, sometimes only to be immediately forgotten upon waking. This is where our wishes, fears and fantasies intertwine with unseen and insane abstractions, long lost memories and sometimes universal myth..