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    Opening Up

    It’s been a while since my last update here, changes in work and life have been numerous and they have not left me with much time to devote to my artistic practice and its promotion. But that doesn’t mean I have not been active at all. On the contrary, I’ve begun a new project and in the meantime have worked on several portraits. And I’ve had some time to contemplate my artistic practice and how it is influenced by my personal life and findings. Today I want to share some of this with you.

    As some of my readers might already know I am on the autistic spectrum. This means that my world of perception may vary greatly from those who are not on the autistic spectrum. I am hypersensitive, and have a remarkable eye for detail. Also I sometimes experience synaesthesia: Crossing of the senses. This means I sometimes taste music or colour for example. Of course this influences my work as an artist. How could it not? Every artist portrays the world uniquely as they see or feel it in their hearts and minds, whether that be in the literal, figurative sense, or otherwise.
    Around me I’ve noticed that there is still little knowledge about autism and what it means, even though there are many autistic people. The preconceptions about it have caused me to be quiet about it in the past, because I felt like it would colour people’s image of me too much. I would be put into the autistic box, and be seen as “that autistic artist”. In fact, there are many autistic artists, it’s another cliché that we are a group with no imagination (many of us have very vivid inner worlds, we just don’t all show it much). 
    Anyway, recently I’ve decided that the only way to break these stereotypes is to be open and honest about myself and my atypical mind. We as autistic people are as diverse as those not on the spectrum! Autism is usually not visible, and it comes in many shapes and forms.

    Also, I am polyamorous.
    This means, in my case, that I am in two romantic relationships at the same time. My partners are also free to be in multiple romantic relationships. This is, as it is for any person, a big part of my life. My partners are my muses. They inspire me through their being, their stimulating conversation, humor, calm presence, and both of their beautiful minds. They have helped make me the artist that I am today, and hopefully will help me become the artist that I am tomorrow.
    Credit where credit is due.

    So, I suppose that was the big announcement. 

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    New Beginnings

    Hi all,

    First of all, for those entirely new here, welcome to my online art portfolio.

    Since I’m dialing back my usage of social media platforms for my work, I wanted to come up with an interesting alternative, and have decided to use my website not only as a basic portfolio, but also as a platform for progress updates and the publication of written articles regarding my artistic process and ideas on art, dreams and perception in general. 

     I hope you will find it enriching and worthwhile to read and watch what I share here, and that you will perhaps also share my website and works with others.  

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