Next to my regular work I also did a comic series about, amongst other things, life on the autistic spectrum.

The name Constellations means a number of things to me. It refers to the complexity of the human mind which comes in an infinite number of varieties, just like constellations of stars they have many forms and many ways in which they can be looked at. Also, the human mind is an incredibly complex thing, and exploring the world around us inevitably also means looking within, at your own perception of things. As you gaze at the stars to contemplate your place in the world, you also contemplate your own existence.
Finally, it refers to polyamorous connections, which can also look a lot like star signs if you draw them out on a map, drawing a line from person to person- connecting the dots. Because I wouldn’t be able to do what I am doing today if it wasn’t for the support of my loves, and the wonderful and unique people I have met on that incredibly complex journey.