Performances and Installations- Photographs

Biology/Ant Mother
Aus Berlin, Tilburg
November 2015
Part of a collaboration for Peristal Singum (


Be a Body, Worm, Rotterdam
May 2015

Collecting Radiance
Aus Berlin Festival 2014
Hall of Fame, Tilburg


Marxism Festival 2013:

Contemplating what it is to be a woman. Is one more liberated when torn from an imposed state of being? Or also painfully vulnerable?



Performance at Tilburgse Cultuurnacht:

Attempting to insert videotape inside of the device on my body. Each attempt fails because it is made to shoot the tapes back out. This resulted in manic organizing and resizing of the tapes by means of smashing them to smaller bits. It was an attempt to visualize and experience a disability to incorporate certain ideas and new ways of thinking into a broken system
(October 2013)


GOGBOT 2013:
Performance for Youngblood Award Nomination
(September 2013)
Writing on the floor and walls backwards in a small space. I was thrown back and forth between isolation from the viewers while working, as if a glass wall stood between us, and confrontation in the most direct sense when people felt the urge to touch me or ask questions.



Exhibition at Kunstpodium T, Tilburg for Leerling/Meester, July 2013:
(Lead by Maria Roosen)
A video with animation (Meltdown was connected to sculpture with an electrical cord, which in a sense could be like an umbilical cord. I wanted to connect the distant dream to the concrete and penetrating half-reality of a more vivid hallucination



Final Exam Exhibition, July 2013:
Performance, Ritual Drawing on Floor Backwards.
This took place inside of a room filled with sculpture. It was like an otherworldly chapel where a sacred ritual took place.