Hi all!
It’s been a little quiet here because I was part of a small team working on a Dungeon Master guide for Books and Libraries!
Joozey of RPG Papercrafts made all the content, and me, Joozey and Raafling did the illustrations. To see more of their work, visit https://rpgpapercrafts.com/ and http://raaflingdraws.tumblr.com .

“This inspirational guide offers a large amount of tools, tables and ideas for improvising books and libraries on the spot. For those players that always seek out the magic of knowledge in a library of a town that you did not prepare. Or those players that open the books on the desk you described in the spur of the moment. No need to force improvisation here any longer, this guide will be your help!

The guide contains 17 different types of books, new creatures, many custom spells, optional supplemental rules, library prompts and a large amount of Forgotten Realms lore hooks. As an inspirational guide, nothing is Forgotten Realms exclusive. You can cherry-pick anything you like for your own world.” 

The guide can be purchased here and I can tell you it’s definitely worth it: