A new work has been published today under my Third Eyeconography series, and down below. Though my work is ever evolving and changing, it seemed most fitting to place it there. It’s a portrait which is inspired by the Tarot, as many of my works are, but also by Renaissance and Pre Rafaelite paintings, and as you can see also by one of my muses.
It depicts the moment of insight and wisdom crystallizing inside ones mind, sinking in, and making one feel secure, strong, wise, but not proud. Open.
You might see the archetype of the magician, or the king. Someone who has achieved insight, wisdom and leadership, but not for glory or ego. For its own sake.

Most of my work is very intuïtive, and the different layers of meaning present themselves while I am working, and sometimes even long after finishing. You could say that my work is a manner of thinking out loud, or dreaming out loud.
Anyway, hope you all enjoy this new work. And I’d also like to point out that I can be commissioned to draw your portrait- not just your physical likeness, but parts of your inner world, the essence of a dream perhaps.


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