-News update: my zines are now available at De Boekenbar in Utrecht!-

Drawing and painting have long been a passions of mine. I love to make small works with coloured pencil, inks, acrylics or watercolor. The process of carefully building the layers, making vivid and dreamlike pictures come to life, is something that will never bore me.

I am inspired and driven by the beauty of creation, the light and dark of the human psyche, fairytales, dreams and the unfathomable mystery of God.
I try to share something that can be personal as well as universal. In my work you will find references to nature, faith and mythology.

In my portrait series I have tried to portray not just the person but their heart and inner life. I love connecting the person portrayed with associated natural elements.
Plants, or planets!

I take commissions, both drawing and customization projects. If you want me to bring colour to your world, draw your dreams or make your everyday items into a work of art, email me at info@syle.nl .


Sylé van Olst

1991: Born in Zwolle


2013: BFA, ArtEZ, Zwolle.
2015: BA Arts and Design in Education, HKU, Utrecht

http://www.blikvorm.nl/bestel-orgeometry/ or order with me, I still have some ;)



May 2022- ZIMIHC Theater Zuilen, exhibition of drawings together with photographs of Mariëtte van Waard

Jun 2021- Digital Exhibition Neurodiversity Pride day at Neurodiversity Foundation

Dec 2020- June 2021 publication of Faenyx Zine, a small self published zine

Feb 2019- Cover art and illustrations for Dungeon Master Guide “Books & Libraries” by RPG Papercraft

2018- 2021: Constellations (neurodiversity comic series I made)

Nov 2018- Illustrations and show of Constellations comic series for the Roadshow at Rijkswaterstaat

Sep 2018- The Big Draw Nijmegen for Restaurant Terra Rossa

Nov 2016- Nov 2017 : Exhibition of Symbiotic Earth Portraits, Adem Inn, Hoogstraat Rotterdam

Jul 2017: Studio28, Apeldoorn, drawings

Nov 2016: Art Performance “Lifelight in a Hollow Body/ Pierrot” at Aus Berlin Festival, Tilburg

Sept 2016 Art Performance “Ant Mother/Biology” at ACU Utrecht

Nov 2015: Art Performance “Ant Mother/Biology” at Aus Berlin Festival, Tilburg (Peristal Singum Collaboration)

Jun 2015: Group Exhibition,  Bergkerk, Deventer, drawings

May 2015: Art performance “Re: birth”, WORM Rotterdam (Be a Body)

Nov 2014: “Collecting Radiance”, Performance at Aus Berlin Festival, Hall of Fame, Tilburg

Sept 2014: Live Art at Nacht van Goud, Walhalla Deventer

May 2014: Exhibition at State of Mind, Utrecht

May 2014: “Shell”, Performance at Marxism Festival, CREA Amsterdam

Dec 2013: Destillaat, Extrapool, Nijmegen. Installation

Oct 2013: Tilburgse Cultuurnacht, TilburgPerformance: Eject.

Sept 2013: Installation and Performance at GOGBOT festival, Enschede.(Nominated for GOGBOT Youngblood Award)

Jul 2013: Exhibition Artez Finals 2013, Zwolle.

Jul 2013: Master/Apprentice exhibition with Maria Roosen Kunstpodium T, Tilburg

Apr 2013: Exhibition at Synthesis Conference for Esotericism and The Sciences Moses & Aaronkerk, Amsterdam

Jul 2012: KUNA Festival, Dwingeloo

Apr 2012: Kunstenaarsvereniging Heerde

jun 2011: Kunstenaarsvereniging Palet Zwolle


Jun 2014: Poetic Dialogue with Jasper Ligthart, CultFest, Utrecht

Jun 2013: Poetic Performance in collaboration with Jasper Ligthart: Poetry of Madness CultFest, Utrecht

Mar 2013: Spoken Word performance CultDealer Utrecht

Oct 2012: Performance, Collection of poems ORKZ Groningen